Exploring GeoGoviya's Core Features

Explore our unique set of features below

Dashboard User Data

This dynamic dashboard is your portal to managing an extensive farmers database, viewing detailed farmer requests, and accessing critical data for paddy and high lands. Stay informed with the latest cultivation, forecast, and harvest updates.

CultivateX (Crop Advisory)
Growth for Every Farmer

data-driven advisory services to help you make informed decisions throughout the farming cycle. From weather forecasts to crop-specific guidance and market insights, your go-to resource for enhancing productivity and sustainability.

Digitalised Land Parcel
Your Farm Dashboard Statistics

Gain insights into your farm operations with real-time statistics. Track user and farmer growth with detailed analytics to guide your agricultural decisions.

Cash Grants
Track Farm Activities

Monitor your farm's recent activities with ease. From user data approval to paddy land updates, GeoGoviya keeps you informed about every action taken, ensuring transparency and control.

Data Uploads
Overview Dashboard & User Details

GeoGoviya provides a comprehensive overview of your farm's data, from crop advisory to land details. Utilize our user-friendly dashboard to make informed decisions for your farming business.

Form land management
Field Monitoring

Users can remotely monitor their fields and operations through the dashboard, allowing them to keep track of activities even when they are not physically present on the farm.

GeoGoviya Android App

GeoGoviya is an intuitive Android-based platform that streamlines two-way agricultural data for smallholder farmers, enhancing productivity and income. It offers a cost-effective solution for crop monitoring and user interaction via geotagged insights at the farm level.